Interstate Backloading Removals

If you are planning a move and are looking to do so without breaking the bank, consider getting a backloading quote as an affordable moving option.

Backloading provides a more affordable option for moving home than traditional removalist services.

When you commission a backloading service to conduct your move, you pay only for the space your belongings occupy on the truck in one direction. This saves you the cost of renting the entire truck for a two-way trip.

Backloading interstate furniture removals


Backloading is a cost-effective alternative to hiring a traditional removalist company to move your home. Backloading services make the most out of their trucks and trips by making them more productive.

When you get a backloading quote to move your goods, you will likely be sharing the moving truck space with others. Moving customers this way allows backloaders to be as efficient as possible with their trips while also providing you with a low-cost backloading quote to relocate.

When you choose this method of moving transportation, you pay only for the space that your furniture takes on the truck and only for one direction. No need to pay for the return trip of the truck!

By booking a removal service like this, it is a win for both you and the backloading company; cheaper moving costs for you and additional revenue for the backloading company as they can make money on both directions of the trip.

Why Choose Interstate Backloading?

There are so many expenses related to moving; why add to the strain on your wallet by not choosing the most affordable moving option?

With backloading, you are getting the same high-quality service as a traditional removalist company as long as you are willing to be a bit more flexible with your move.

Your belongings will be packed, loaded and unloaded with the same care and attention that you would receive if you commissioned a traditional removalist, but without the high cost.

Additionally, when you choose to backload for your move, you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint by saving fuel consumption and reducing emissions. If you can safely transport your belongings on a truck already headed in your direction, you can save an extra trip and help the environment.

Consider getting a backloading quote if you are looking to move your home but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on removalists services. Save money while still getting the expert care and service you deserve!

Backloading Services

Everyone uses the term backloading or backloading removalists, but rarely does anyone actually spell out exactly what it means. It can be summed up by one simple phrase. Flexibility rewards affordability. If you as the customer can be a little flexible, our removalists will give you a better price for your move. You scratch our back, we scratch yours. You make our life easier, we help you out with a cheaper move.

Moving is an expensive endeavour, and using Backloading is the perfect way to help bring that bill down to something much more manageable.

How we operate is that we will provide you with multiple pricing options for your upcoming move, they will all have various inclusions/exclusions and different prices to match.

Perhaps the pickup needs to be scheduled for pickup over a 48-hour window because they’re not sure if the truck will make it to you that afternoon, or maybe the delivery will be within a 2-day window because they’re not sure how far they’ll get in a single day before being forced to stop due to logbook hours.

Obviously, this service isn’t for every scenario or every customer. Some people need a specific schedule and that is exactly what the other removalist services are for. However, if you’ve got the flexibility that drivers sometimes desperately need from some of their customers, they want to reward you for making their life easier by giving you an even better price for your move.

So how exactly does that look for my move you may be thinking? Let’s take a move from Brisbane to Sydney for example. It’s a pretty quick trip for any removalist, a typical move could be Monday, delivery on Tuesday. That’s the premium interstate removals service. If you booked a backload, you’d be looking at pickup Pickup on Monday/Tuesday, with delivery 1-3 business days after collection and you would be given 24 hours' notice on the exact day of delivery.



Backloading removals often means your removalist is loading your goods on their trip back to their hometown or region. The idea is that people who are moving houses pay for the truck to take their goods on a certain day, and then the vehicle has to get back (although without a load). It would otherwise be a ‘wasted’ trip – but if they can get a load on the way back, they can recoup some costs and offer a cheaper service.


If you organize your move three or more months in advance, it is unlikely that any movers will have a straight backload service available.

Most people are not that organised, so most removalists may not have a set schedule yet, so you’re more likely to get right backloading rates if you engage your removal companies in the last six weeks or months before you move.